GPL Ghostscript 8

Artifex Software, Inc. is happy to announce the release of GPL Ghostscript 8.64 and GhostPDL 1.54.

This is the fifth scheduled release in the stable Ghostscript 8.6x series.

Source packages are available from:

And from the following mirrors:

SHA-1 checksums

 * 4c2a6e04145428d35da73fbc4db9c66a75e336e0  ghostscript-8.64.tar.bz2
 * 2e56a2fdd7912c0d04ad52c05d0e93e3e473b131  ghostscript-8.64.tar.gz
 * 2a0ceaaddc40f9b8b58ef6546eec35875e539aef  ghostpdl-1.54.tar.bz2

MD5 checksums

 * b13289cb2115f38f40c5e064f87e228a  ghostscript-8.64.tar.bz2
 * dd927ecf7e4db38b62be3dc17b1b04d2  ghostscript-8.64.tar.gz
 * 228f96df51d192b95bc4d9340015aa9e  ghostpdl-1.54.tar.bz2

Approximately 100 bugs have been fixed since the 8.63 release.

Of particular note in this release are improvements to overprint and spot color support in documents with transparency, improvements to PDF and PS output, proper handling of PDF-specific text rendering modes and support for reading AES-encrypted PDF documents.

Also improved is handling of CJK text, especially in vertical writing modes, memory footprint processing some files at high resolution and support for using the system's default paper size on unix.

The interpreter's handling of color spaces has been moved from PostScript code to C.

A number of the included printer drivers and cups wrappers have been updated to support a PDF-based workflow. Also fixed are several long-standing bugs in the pcl drivers with respect to duplex, resolution and paper tray selection.

Incompatible changes

In this release the C source files have been split into two new directories. Interpreter source files are now in psi and the graphics library and output devices are now in base. Previously everything was in src. This may cause problems with existing references in external build files or when applying patches generated against an older version.

The compiled in font set in Resource/Fonts has been updated to the version from the 8.11 release. This is the same set which was recommended prior to the 8.63.

Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible!