GhostPDL Downloads

Which license is right for me?

For example, for personal use, use without redistribution, and use with no technical support the GNU Affero Public License (AGPL) download is your choice.

If you are unwilling/unable to abide by the terms of the AGPL (for instance, if you wish to redistribute these software packages
or derivations thereof commercially), or if you wish to pay for technical support, you will need to acquire a commercial license from Artifex.

If you are unsure of whether you can use the AGPL release, or require a commercial license, you can contact: Artifex Sales

PLEASE NOTE: AGPL GhostPDL is not optimized for the stringent resource requirements of embedded environments such as laser printer or MFP applications. The Artifex GhostPDL distribution includes additional engineering work that makes this distribution commercially competitive for these environments. To obtain this distribution for evaluation at no cost, please contact: Artifex Sales.

GNU Affero General Public License

Artifex Commercial License
GhostPDL 9.23 Source
for all platforms
GhostPDL AGPL Release GhostPDL Commercial License
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Old releases available here: