[Gs-code-review] Fix for #510776 "Underlines appear above text" (improved 2)

L. Peter Deutsch ghost at aladdin.com
Sun Feb 10 07:51:28 PST 2002

> The revisions before 1.5 create default values for
> UnderlinePosition and UnderlineThickhes even if FontBBox is absent.
> The revision 1.5 and subsequent ones do not.

Thanks, I understand now.

In fact, it was you who removed this feature, and the CVS log entry says:

> Fix: Old hack about underline parameters in gs_type1.ps
> now conflicts with QuarkXPress_4.1 3.0 0 procset.
> Disabling it for fonts, which have degenerate FontBBox.
> Source Forge bug #441870.

> Should I restore this feature ?

No, I think this is unnecessary.  As I said in my first e-mail about this
problem, adding these entries is only necessary for fonts loaded by the
resource machinery.  If at some time in the future we encounter a user whose
preinstalled fonts don't have good FontBBoxes, we can make the fix more
sophisticated and have it actually check whether the font was loaded as a


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