[gs-devel] AFPL Ghostscript 7.22 pre-announcement

Raph Levien raph@casper.ghostscript.com
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 17:02:04 -0700

Hi GS developers,

   I've just made tarballs of 7.22, which are available at the wisc site:


(.gz is also available for those still in the last millennium).

   The notable new feature is the new pdfwrite font copying, which
should fix a lot of pdfwrite problems with incremental fonts. Testing
of this is welcomed.

   The DeviceN merge is scheduled to happen this week, so expect a
7.23 release soon. It might take a while for stability to settle down,

   Ray Johnston will be doing the Windows builds, and will follow up
to this message when they're done. If you want to test on Windows,
it's probably a good idea to wait for that.

   Also, I'd like to pre-announce a new "bug bounty" program. For each
bug currently in the tracker that is successfully closed by an outside
developer prior to the 8.0 release, we will pay a $500 honorarium. This
includes passing code review, passing the regression testing, and, in
the case of patches for devices, testing on the device. We'd like your
help in getting the bug count as far down as we can. Please let me know
if you have any questions; more details will be forthcoming soon.