[gs-devel] 7.20 release candidate available for testing

rillian rillian@telus.net
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 01:46:22 -0800


We're pleased to announce the availability of a candidate tarball for 
the AFPL 7.20 development snapshot. Please download and test. If there 
are no hitches, we'll upload to the usual places tomorrow and make it an 
official release.

The source is available from:


Since this is a development snapshot, we're not worrying as much about 
what features are available,; we're mainly looking for show-stopper bugs 
or errors in creating the distribution.

The major new thing in this release is Igor's FAPI integration, as well 
as Ray's %diskn% implementation. The new devicen and associated 
colorspace work hasn't yet been merged with the mainline and is not 

Also new in this release is that -dSAFER is now the equivalent of 
'-dSAFER -dPARANOIDSAFER' in 7.04, limiting both read and write file 
operations. This breaks some scripts, notably gv; they will have to 
updated. Packagers and the driver/script/viewer authors are advised to 
look at the new security changes including the  LockSafetyParams 

Happy building,