[gs-devel] multiple instances on GS

Russell Lang gsview at ghostgum.com.au
Mon Nov 12 03:07:21 PST 2007


> I have been browsing in the past archive and really interested if
> multiple instances are now supported.  Base on the past thread, this is
> not yet supported in 8.50.  I'll paste the old message.
>         Can I already have multiple GS instaces in 8.50 - assuming that
> all
>         instances do run in separate win32 threads?
>         If not yet, specifically what kind of restrictions and problems
> should I
>         expect when creating and running multiple instances?
>         Thanks a lot,
>         Zoltan Biro
>         1024 studio
>         Romania
> It's basically, my same query.

No, not yet.  There was some progress towards this last year, but at this stage if you want 
multiple instances, you still have to have separate processes.  One instance per process.

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