[gs-devel] Re: Ghostscript 8.61 release

Ray Johnston Ray.Johnston at Artifex.com
Thu Nov 15 16:20:08 PST 2007


I am in favor of a Ghostscript 8.61 as well as a GhostPDL 1.51
release, simultaneously. It makes it easier to support customers
that run the language switch build.

I _DO_ have a concern. AFAIK, Marcos hasn't looked into the MANY
regressions that showed up last night against rev 8369, nor have I
begun looking into these. We have to resolve these issues before
a release.

Since these regressions are mostly (all) "banded", most likely
they are due to Igor's clist changes.

Hopefully, we'll know more tomorrow.\


Ralph Giles wrote:
> All, we're almost ready to do a GhostXPS beta release. I'd been thinking 
> it would be good to do an interm bugfix release of the Ghostscript 
> codebase as well. What do people think? Is the current tree sufficiently 
> stable. Would it bemore so in a week?

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