[gs-devel] xefitra internalise ijs?

lazer1 lazer1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Nov 19 11:03:57 PST 2007

resending this email as I think it didnt get through
the first time some weeks ago:

I was wondering if it is possible for Ghostscript to 
internalise ijs?

I find ijs totally incomprehensible and have no idea 
how you utilise it,

if it could be completely incorporated into GS 
so the one user on a personal computer can print 
a document to their printer.

so far I dont know anybody who understands IJS,

I think if the IJS setup could be simplified and 
internalised it would hugely increase Ghostscripts

the typical user has just one printer and will be
printing just one document so it doesnt need to 
be a server.

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