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I don't have access to the Win95 system right now, but on another
one with VS6 on WinXP-SP2 I get the following. In all cases, there
is a "DEVSTUDIO=C:\Program Files\VC++" in the make command-line,
debug build done from the IDE.

(A) Revision 8395 as-is, without setting %MSVCDir%:

     "%MSVCDir%\bin\cl"  ...etc... .\src\genarch.c /link
    The system cannot find the path specified.
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"%MSVCDir%\bin\cl"' : return code '0x1'
    Error executing nmake.

(B) Revision 8395 as-is, with %MSVCDir% set:

    Same error as for (A). I have added a "set" command to the makefile, 
    and I can see the "MSVCDir=C:\Program Files\VC++" defined, isn't 
    just not expanded. I also tried "MSVCDIR" (all caps); the case is 
    preserved in the environment, but the result is the same: no 

(C) Reverting to "COMPBASE=$(DEVSTUDIO)\VC98":

    It passes. But, of course, the linker receives no "/LIBPATH"...

(sorry if the message appears duplicated, the 1st time I used 
a wrong e-mail address and I think it didn't pass)

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> Ah, big build patches just before release! :)
> Ray just committed something in a similar vein. Can you check if that
> works for you with or without reverting r8392?
> -r
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