[gs-devel] [RFC] revive runlibfileifexists function. xefitra

CHIKAMA Masaki masaki.chikama at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 16:32:50 PST 2007

Hello all.

I have trouble with ghostscript CJK support because of a lack of
'runlibfileifexists' function.
I know Suzuki san has been working hard on CJK support,
but he seems to pay no attention to it.

This function is a variant of 'runlibfile' which is in lib/gs_init.ps
and forms the below.

         { exch pop /run .systemvar exec }
         { pop }
      } bind def
/.runlibfileifexists /runlibfileifexists load def

It doesn't stop process even if no file exit.

It is actually a part of CJK patches which were proposed
http://ghostscript.com/pipermail/gs-devel/2007-August/003642.html .
But it was reverted at rev 8190 with other CJK patches.

I propose to revive the very function.

It lives long time since early time of gs-cjk project
(around 2001?), and I can't find any bug related.
Neither between once CJK patches were merged to GNU ghostscript and
were reverted on bugzilla because of it.

Is there any problem by introducing this function ?
Can anyone try regression test ?

Thank you.


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