[gs-devel] Ubuntu Gutsy does not print secured PDFs via Acroread and Ghostscript

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 04:34:26 PST 2007

Ken Sharp wrote:
> Hi Till,
> At 11:40 27/11/2007 +0000, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> You may need Ralph's help on this one, but...
>> This means that the revision 8187 has a bug which got fixed in the 
>> final release. As the policy of updates to stable releases of Ubuntu 
>> is to do changes as small as possible to minimize risks of 
>> regressions, I would like to know whether one can fix this problem by 
>> applying a small patch instead of updating Ghostscript to 8.61 final 
>> which could be a rather big change.
> Assuming it a single fix, there should be a patch in the subversion 
> archive which addresses just this issue. The trick is going to be 
> identifying it ;-)
> There are ~200 revisions between 8187 and the released 8.61. I did find 
> three possible patches, one relating to PDF 1.5 security, one relating 
> to PDF 1.6 security (128-bit AES), the other to potentially invalidly 
> secured PDF files.
> See bugs #688958, #688880, #687326. Your issue of course may not be any 
> of those...
> When you say 'secured' what level of protection and what kind of 
> security has been applied ? Do you have an example file to look at ?

Do not know the exact security level, but some reports have example 
files linked or attached:



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