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Thu Nov 29 09:31:49 PST 2007

hello all,


for my project I need a tool that renders all the separations of a PDF file
and creates single separation images of the CMYK and spot color separations
as well as a composite image that shows all of the overprint areas
'properly'. Fortunately I found out that the 'tiffsep' device in Ghostscript
is fullfilling these requirements. Unfortunately there's a restriction in
the 'tiffsep' device, that it produces only 8 separations per pass, which
still allows to get all of the separations in additional runs of gs (which I
tested successfully with version 8.60) but it is not possible to obtain a
composite image with all of the separations of the PDF file, if the number
of separations (including CMYK) is higher than 8. In the gs documentation I
found the suggestion to build a composite image with e.g. a tool like
'ImageMagick', which is not very helpful as long as I don't have a
description for combining the colors. From my understanding the 'tiffsep'
device uses the 'DeviceN' and 'Separation' functions from the PDF file to
create the composite image. 

Now, if I want to create a composite of more than 8 separation images I
would need to know how a spot color is mapped to the appropriate CMYK
values. For now I might get along with 8 separations, but as there are
printing presses available that can handle up to 12 colors or more I
probably will run into a problem here. So, are there any plans to export
such a description in upcoming versions of gs and are there any plans to
include some functionality to build a composite image from single
separations, as this would save me from putting them together on my own or
dealing with additional tools in my project. 


thank you...

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