[gs-devel] othersubr #28

Ken Sharp ken.sharp at artifex.com
Sun Feb 10 19:02:31 UTC 2013

At 16:02 10/02/2013 +0100, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>it seems that some othersubr functions beyond #0-#4 (Type 1) and
>#14-#18 (Multiple Masters) are standardized, sort of.  For example,
>othersubr #28 creates a random number in the range 0-1.
>Do you have any idea where this comes from, and where this is
>described in more detail?

12 and 13 are for counter control (documented in the type 1 supplement, 
Adobe technical specification 5015), 28 is a new one on me. I've seen it 
used but I do not think it is documented anywhere.

If its used in a multiple master, then it may simply be an Adobe 
convention, rather than an actual documented feature. Hardly anyone other 
than Adobe ever produced much in the way of MM fonts.


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